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FW Series

Friction Welding Machine


.Fully automated production line:
-Increase production
-Reduce manpower
.After welding, the strength is higher than that of the base metal, and suitable for all kinds of connectors continued
.With high friction at the contact surface, and No need electrode or extra heating and welding.
.Widely used in infrastructure construction, High-tech factory building, Skyscrapers, etc.

Friction Welding-Principle

Friction welding is a kind of "solid state" welding method. Through mechanical frictional rotation and axial pressure, heat is generated on the friction surface so that the material is in a semi-molten state, and then the workpiece is subjected to pressure to firmly fuse the same or dissimilar metals into one.

In order to build a low-carbon society, it is necessary to save energy as much as possible during welding. By reducing the heat input, the material at the joint does not produce splashes or fumes. No additional materials or fillers are needed, creating a new revolution in your manufacturing area.


Industry Applications Examples

Other details include gears, shaft tubes, powertrains, engine valves, hydraulic piston rods, pump shafts, drill bits, connecting rods,and more.
It is also relatively rich in applications in the development of the construction and agricultural industries.
(This technology is also used for the bonding of metal to plastic, which is similar to metal under heat and pressure.) 

Drive shaft 

Drive shaft 

Flange shaft 

Flange shaft 

Tool bar 

Hydraulic cylinder 


Shift lever 

Pump bearing 

Cable terminals

Improve Welding of Two Major of Disadvantage

[ Splashes ]
When scattering of arc welding gas and electricity fine particles.
They cause defects in the coating and adversely affect the quality. In the welding, it is often seen that a large amount of spatter scatters, which weakens the pressure of the electrode and causes poor welding quality.

[ smoke ]
Metal vapors that occur during the welding process and condense into fine particles.
Prolonged inhalation of smoke can because symptoms called metal fume fever.Other symptoms include coughing, chest tightness, thirst, and fever, which can sometimes cause pulmonary edema.


FW Series Advantages

1.Using the latest servo drive, shift more accurate
2.Freedom of movement and can quickly shift speed
3.Full touch panel can be flexible modifier, the degree of freedom
4.Fully automated production, increase production, reduce manpower
5.Using the famous brand parts of best countries, Accuracy is more accurate
6..5 times faster than compared to traditional machine
7.Friction welding with Automatic cutting device
8.Does not affect the oil temperature

Full touch panel control system

Servo motor

Oil Actuated Multi-Disc
Clutch and Brake

Oil Actuated Multi- plate
hydraulic brake

Activity jaws
Replaceable jaws

Reinforced splicer

Pull test

Ten sets of SD420W weld able steel bars were used to perform SA-grade tensile tests. The test results were all higher than the specifications.

The friction energy generated by the CNC vehicle is used to generate thermal energy.
The axial pressure splicer and the steel base of the material are applied under vacuum heat.


The internal molecular structure is completely integrated with the metallurgical structure after friction welding.


The joint strength is better than of the raw original rod material, and the tensile test is completely broken of the raw material.


Retain the original joint material toughness, strength, without affecting the original material properties, which can effectively transfer stress


Box Way Hand Scraping



Short material feeder



FW-60 Including long material feeder system


Optical scale positioning module

-Easy and fast operation, precise length adjustment
-Detectable work piece length

Retractable collet

-High precision
-High speed
-High rigidity structure


-Adjustable spindle speed
-Save spindle start energy consumption
-Extended service life

Electric control box cooling system

-Standard original fan
-Upgradeable the heat exchanger or air conditioner.

Safety Sensor

-Protecting the operators safety.

Rotary angle positioning

-Both ends of the work piece after welding can be stopped at certain angles .

Chip cutting system

-Cutting Device 
-Servo Motor Chips
(Simple PLC Control or CNC Program Control)




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